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You have a purpose to change the world for the better. We’re here to help you do the most good,  standing with you side by side and helping you digitally in your social mission. 


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We start with understanding your mission and how you plan to achieve the mission.

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We brainstorm ideas to create the best design for your website matching your social mission.

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Once the design is complete, we help develop the website and continue to support forever.

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Sri Lanka


Feeding the homeless in London and building wells in third world countries.

AR Projects believes no humans should suffer without food and water. The mission started with feeding the homeless people enduring the cold nights on the streets of London. And has now expanded to building wells for rural villages in Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

Water and food
Feeding the homeless
Wells in rural villages
London, Pakistan, Zimbabwe
In progress

Improving the lives of underprivileged children and disabled elderly across Africa and Europe.

Jackie Chan's Dragon Heart foundation was started by Jackie Chan's fans in Europe. Fostering inclusion using education, sport and friendship for both young and old in Europe and Africa who might not otherwise have that opportunity.

Underprivileged children in Africa
Elderly people in Europe
UK, Germany, Netherlands
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Dedicated to Helping Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing in Sri Lanka.

UK Sri Lanka Trauma Group is a capacity-building charity, offering training and workshops to cover a broad range of mental health topics, for different levels of individuals and professionals working with people affected by their mental health.

Mental health
Training and workshops
UK, Sri Lanka
In progress

Empowering the young black generation acquire practical knowledge for a better economy.

K.U.P.I is on a mission to enact Corporate Social Responsibility for black businesses to help them connect with the community. In doing so, K.U.P.I provide a platform for the young generation to acquire practical knowledge, guidance and mentorship from these successful business owners.

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Helping the sick and injured animals living on the streets.

Hope For Critters endeavors to create an all-encompassing animal-care ecosystem with rescues, rehabilitations, medical help, awareness-drives and adoption-enablement for the animals living on the streets.

Dogs, Cats and Cows
Rescue & Rehabilitation
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Providing personalized education for HIV and orphan children.

Every child should have access to education, EdForAll has gone step further to make sure children irrespective of their health and financial constraints can learn. The charity creates personalized education syllabus and teaches through their volunteers throughout the year.

Personalized education
HIV children
Orphanage children
Puducherry, India
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